Thursday, 21 June 2012


Gotham City Mayor, Anthony Garcia

This morning, Gotham City’s Mayor, Anthony Garcia, signed the controversial Dent Act into legislation.  The sweeping bill, which was passed unanimously by the City Assembly, targets organized crime.  Named in honour of Gotham’s deceased District Attorney, Harvey Dent, the act authorizes stiffer sentencing, including a moratorium on parole.  It also closes a loophole that hinders the city’s ability to prosecute individuals who commit crimes that are part of a larger network.  "[Harvey Dent’s] courage in taking on the criminal empires that ruled our streets saved our city.  It would be inappropriate for us not to honor his sacrifice", said the Mayor. 

The legislation provides Police Commissioner Jim Gordon with a broad-based range of extra-judiciary powers that many critics believe turns Gotham into a police state.  Referencing the mysterious avenger, known in some circles as The Batman, the Mayor boldly disagrees. “Before the Dent Act, our city was so desperate that we placed our trust behind a masked vigilante who ultimately murdered the man who was truly Gotham's shining hope.”

The Mayor has also introduced a Bill making the date of Harvey Dent's death an official holiday.  With the municipal election just months away, opponents are calling this a shameless attempt to woo voters who disapprove of the civil liberties the Dent Act infringes on.

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